Batch Control Systems are the integration partners of choice. Based in Scotland we design, build, maintain and support all industry leading control system platforms in a wide range of sectors, with a particular specialisation in pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

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Integration Partners of Choice

Initially setup to serve the Pharmaceutical industry, Batch Control Systems has been in business since 1996. Since then we have built up our expertise in a wide range of industries including chemical, petrochemical, power, utilities, food and beverage. With an experienced and flexible team, we are able to work with our clients to understand the needs of their application or process and design a sensible, high quality solution.

Batch Control Systems are a flexible partner in all manner of control system design, build, documentation, testing and commissioning. We also offer maintenance and support services, front-end engineering design, and the supply of quality engineers on a contractual basis.

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Having initially specialised in the Pharmaceutical industry we have grown and gained vast experience in the following sectors:

Control Systems

Speciaising in both continuous and batch systems utilising all major control system platforms.


SCADA's, HMI's and dashboards, each designed to meet the visual needs of your plant.

Big Data

Gathering, Analysis and Reporting of the most important aspects of your process.

24/7 Support

Providing guaranteed response times with proven KPI performance.


Always providing robust systems for quality regulations.


Over 15 years experience working in regulated industries.


Safety is the always the highest priority in everyting we do.

Food & Drink

Experienced in all types of batch and moving systems.

Experts on Major Platforms

Our Projects

Batch Control Systems are a flexible partner in all manner of control system design, build, documentation, testing and commissioning. Initally setup to server the Pharmacutical industry, BCS has been in business since 1996:

Abbott Laboratories

Plant Upgrade

New plant facility on an existing site to facilitate a 10-fold increase in production of an existing high value product – CREON. Plant consisted of two storage vessels, a centrifuge, dryer with services including a full Egemin CIP system, Vacuum & Scrubber. Interfacing with site-based Hosokawa Heating, Cooling and condensers as well as an external Plant dosing system.

Johnson Matthey

Process Plant Upgrade

Re-purposing the entire site to migrate existing pharmaceutical products. Re-validated vessels (10), reactors (20), Filters (8), and ancillary services (over 60 units in total); gases, solvents, water, and effluent, to allow multi batch, multi product manufacturing.

Johnson Matthey

Inertion System

Automation of a previously manual plant to install fully automated Nitrogen Inertion Sequences and partial automation of temperature control/jacket services. Utlising a Rockwell CompactLogix PLC, Rockwell PanelView HMI, Stratix Managed switch and IS1 Zone 1 Stahl remote IO.


HMBDA Replacement

Migration of a Honeywell Experion system to PCS7 V8.2 with a Simplex AS410, OS with a cold standby OS for disaster recovery, three client stations linked over a KVM and Siemens ET200M IO (400).

Johnson Matthey

Grignard Monitoring System

Design, Development and Certificiation of a SIL1 rated Safety Instrumented System to monitor exotherm conditions as part of a Grignard reaction. BCS assigned safety certified engineers to assist the client in the initial hazard studies and then design a safety system to ensure the risk was mitigated. The SIS was achieved with a GuardLogix PLC and Safety Point IO. BCS then instructed an external party to review and carry out the necessary Functional Safety Assessments.

Johnson Matthey

FEED Studies

To help the site deal with obsolecence and plan for the best possible investment in the future, BCS carried out two detailed FEED studies for key production areas on site. Site needs were analysed and compared to future automation technologies including Cybersecurity, IT/OT and Industry 4.0. Outputs of these studies included a full list of recommendations, future site-wide system architectures, control panel drawing sets and complete bill of materials with indication of costs.


Plant Upgrade

BCS carried out a complete electrical and panel design for three replacement control panels across three sites. Each panel contained fourteen Allen Bradley VSDs and a Micrologix PLC. Panels were designed and built to Form three with four separate compartments. redundant power supplies allowing isolation of any of the 410V compartments without isolation of the 24VDC section containing the PLC and Pilz Safety Module. Operations were facilitated with two Panelview HMIs in the field including externally mounted lights and sounders.

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